About us

Abrahan Caspian Polymer Company is considered as one of the leading providers in the housing industry due to its more than two decades of experience in the production of polymer pipes and fittings. By focusing on the production of high quality polymer products, the company aims to meet the needs of housing manufacturers in the field of water and sewage pipes and fittings.

Abrahan’s Caspian Polymer Company uses the power of God’s Laizal, the use of skilled and committed forces, and the use of modern European machinery and the best polymer and metal raw materials. With its continuous efforts and progress, this company has achieved remarkable success in the industry of producing polymer pipes and fittings.

Research and Development Group (R&D) of Abrahan Caspian Polymer Company, as an expert team, is always looking for new and up-to-date technologies to meet the needs of customers. This group uses all its efforts to continuously improve the quality and performance of products, and to provide innovative solutions in the field of polymer pipes and fittings.

With pillars such as superior quality, advanced technology, production capability, and attention to customer needs, Abrahan Caspian Polymer Company has had a significant impact as one of the effective factors in meeting the needs of the polymer pipe and fittings market inside and outside the country.

  • Sewer pipes and fittings
  • p.p pipes and fittings
  • Pool pipes
  • Electric pipes

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